Why Restaurants Need to Update Their Third-Party Delivery Packaging

Two Seal-2-Go Bags on a table

Third-party delivery apps are bigger than ever and show no signs of stopping. While many consumers love the convenience of this phenomenon, problems with delivery drivers are cause for some concern. Foodservice establishments need to mitigate the risk of these drivers tampering with orders before a reputation-threatening incident occurs.

For instance, a delivery driver was caught on camera drinking a milkshake before handing it over to a teenager in California. The teen had no idea what happened until he saw the home security footage the next day. A few months later, a Pennsylvania man received his order of ribs half-eaten. “Two of the six ribs he ordered were gone and what appeared to be bite marks were left behind,” according to the article.

These incidents are not isolated; there are many more stories just like these across social media. This kind of online activity can mean bad publicity for restaurants. “Third-party delivery services rarely have a presence in the polarized world of online ratings and reviews,” writes a blog. “Which means customers will turn to [a restaurant’s] social pages when all else fails.” Better packaging helps the customer, the driver, and the establishment.

Thankfully, MySupply is here to help. We carry Seal-2-Go, a line of packaging solutions from Pan Pacific Manufacturing. The original Seal-2-Go plastic bag has a permanent closure adhesive strip with naturally built-in vent passages to ensure food safety and quality. Once delivered, the consumer can tear the bag at the perforated line and enjoy. Seal-2-Go also offers drink carriers made from the same material.

Prefer something different? Seal-2-Go also offers kraft paper bags with a triple protection closure strip. The permanent adhesive, tamper-proof score cuts and visible print will show the customer that their order was not disturbed. Bags are available in white or natural kraft and have a variety of handle and add-on options. Finally, for a decrease in shrink costs, consider the Top Lok™ paper drink enclosure. They’re made with recyclable materials and will not be compromised by condensation. It fits easily in most car cupholders and works with all cup sizes for easy transportation.

Customizable branding opportunities are available for each product in the Seal-2-Go line. Branded packaging can help increase brand recognition and improve customer satisfaction. Now that you’ve reduced the possibility for food contamination, highlight your to-go orders with your logo and brand colors.

Don’t miss out on the great opportunities with home delivery; provide your customers with an added degree of safety. Visit MySupply.com or call (844) 55-SUPPLY for more information.