Stay Competitive with Custom-Printed Food Packaging

Restaurant owners can never fully recreate the in-restaurant dining experience when consumers purchase prepared food to go. However, there are many steps a food establishment can take to come as close as possible. That in-house dining experience is the essence of any restaurant brand, so recreating it through thoughtfully selected and brand identified “to-go” food containers is critical to repeat business. MySupply can recommend custom-branded food packaging with budget and performance in mind, suggesting customization options such as size, shape, material, and other attributes based on temperature and additional needs.

Options for customizing these containers based on your brand are just as convenient. Printing is the most recognizable, working with existing brand colors and allowing for instant brand recognition. Embossing lids gives the presentation a cohesive look. Semi-customization is great when lower minimum runs are required. Each recommendation will be based on annual quantities and a restaurant’s specific needs.

Consider restaurant packaging as part of an effective marketing plan. Plain packaging can come from anywhere, but the best foodservice operators have the opportunity to cut through the clutter and create a lasting impression with consumers.  For instance, according to Restaurant Insider, an estimated 69% of Millennials take photos or videos of their food to post on social media when they go out to eat. This creates valuable advertising potential for restaurants, especially if they have custom-branded packaging.  These social media posts can start conversations, promote menu items and lead to new customer generation. None of these benefits are likely to come to fruition without brand visibility.

The experts at MySupply can advise restaurant owners on the best way to begin implementing branded packaging. A terrific way to start is with custom printed napkins and/or bags. We can help build from there with custom printed or embossed packaging and beyond. Once a design is established, our subscription-based system will ensure that items arrive at the perfect time for restocking. Visit or call (844) 55-SUPPLY for more information.